Temple Run for PC download Free, Temple Run for Windows7/8/Vista

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Temple Run for PC Free download. Today we will show you how to download Temple Run and install it on your PC. This great game was initially developed for iTunes but was later made available for Android and PC following positive response from users. If you are a hardcore gamer, then you must have experienced Temple Run on your Android device. If you haven’t played it, then don’t miss out on the PC version. Here are simple steps you will follow to download and install Temple Run for PC.



Downloading Temple Run for PC

How to download Temple Run for PC- Method 1

For the first method you will need a Temple run apk file. Just go online and use any search engine to look for the Temple run apk file and download it.

How to download Temple Run for PC- Method 2

Here is another simple process of downloading Temple run on your windows or Mac PC. I think it’s safer for you to have backup software in place just in case something fails to work. Run your PC backup and have your browser restarted.

Download  temple Run and Temple Run 2 for PC

Get an Android emulator for a Free Temple Run Download

Then download either BlueStacks or intelAppUp from their respective sites. These two emulators are very important if you have to play Temple Run on your PC. I recommend IntelAppUp but you can use BlueStacks if wish.

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Installing Temple run on your PC

How to install Temple Run on your PC-Method 1

If you downloaded the Temple run apk file, then you will need to use this process to successfully install Temple Run on your PC. Locate the apk file on your PC and double click to manually start the installation process. The game will be installed and ready to be played.

How to install Temple Run on your PC-Method 2

After downloading IntelAppUp, you should run it on your PC the same way you do for other software. Just go to the exe IntelAppUp file you have downloaded and install it. Carefully follow the installation instructions displayed on your screen. Restart your computer if you are prompted. Open the IntelAppUp software and go directly to the search bar. This will require you to have an internet connection. Type “Temple run” in the search box and click on it when it is displayed. The various sites that provide the app will be displayed. That simple process will install Temple run on your PC. If you prefer to use BlueStacks you shouldn’t be worried as the same process will apply.

Temple Run for PC installed

Playing Temple Run on your PC


Playing temple run for pc

After conducting a successful installation, it is very easy to play Temple run on your PC. If you installed the game manually, then you will only need to click on the game icon to load and play it. However, if you used an android emulator such as BlueStacks, then you will access the game by clicking on the folder named “apps”. You can locate the folder by searching it from the start menu. Open the folder and click on Temple Run for PC to play the game. Let us know how it feels to play Temple run on PC by commenting below.

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