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Tango for PC is an instant messaging app that is available on iPhone, android and Windows Mobile.  The app can easily be installed on all devices that operate on an android OS. Tango has a list of growing users globally, who use it to communicate with friends and family. What sets Tango for PC apart is that it allows users to make free calls, send instant messages, and also make free video calls. Though the app is not officially available for PC, there is a way you can download and install it on PC, just read on.  It’s really cool to have such an application installed on your PC.  We have already shared the process you need to follow to install Whatsapp for PC, Line for PC and Viber on your computer.  This step by step tutorial will give you the knowledge you need to download and install Tango for PC.

Downloading Tango for PC

There are two methods you can use to download Tango for PC but you can only use one of the two methods at a time.

Download Tango on your PC: First Method

For this method you will require the Tango apk file.  This file is freely available on the internet and can be downloaded from many sites.

>> Download Tango apk file for free<<

Download Tango on your PC: Second Method

This method will be necessary if you choose not to use the first one.  You will not be required to download the apk file but you will be required to have a working internet connection before you can proceed.  The internet connection will help you install Tango for PC directly on your PC using an android emulator.

Install Tango on your PC

You will need the services of an android emulator to proceed with this step.  You can easily find an android emulator on the internet. Popular android emulators include BlueStacks, IntelAppUp, and YouWave.  I recommend that you use BlueStacks as it works better than others.  Readily download it by following the link below.

BlueStacks Download

Having downloaded BlueStacks, proceed on to install it on your computer using the usual process you use to install other software of applications. Follow the onscreen instructions and be sure to restart your computer when the installation completes.  There are two methods you will choose from to install  Tango on your PC.

Install Tango on your PC: First Method

Use this method if you chose to download the apk file in the first step. Locate the file on the computer and open it using BlueStacks ( for windows, you will right click on the file and then choose to open it using BlueStacks).  The installation will then proceed automatically.

Install Tango on your PC: Second Method

You will use this if you chose method 2 in the first step.  This step requires internet connection. Open BlueStacks and use its search engine to locate Tango online.  Click on it to automatically begin the installation process. Now Tango is installed on your PC and is ready for use.  Launch the app and enjoy its services on your PC.  I hope the process was smooth, Kindly share with us in the comments section.



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