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Plague Inc is an entertaining android game that everyone should play.  Plague leaves a chilling feel on however plays it.  If you haven’t played it then  here is the preview – just as the name suggests you must develop plague to control the skyrocketing human population.  You must mutate and evolve the infection each time humans try to build a new defense.  It’s  a  question of survival for the fittest. The game has done really well on android and it’s time to experience it on  your PC.  Though the game is not officially available for PC, you can download and Install it on your PC by following this simple tutorial. I know you will love playing the game on your PC.


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Downloading Plague Inc for PC

There are a number of requirements that your system will have to meet before you can download and install Plague Inc on your PC.

  • An android emulator such as BlueStacks, IntelAppUp or youwave (Android emulator lets you  use android apps on your windows and Mac PC)
  • A windows 7 operating system or any other later version
  • An advanced processor, anything from Core 2 Duo and above
  • 3.5 network is the minimum
  • A minimum of 2GB RAM
  • A working internet connection to download some useful files.

Having satisfied all these requirements, there will be  two methods that you can choose from. If you settle on the first method then you won’t require the second one.


Method 1: Download Plague Inc for PC

You will need to download the Plague Inc apk file. The apk file can be downloaded from several websites including Google Play site.  Search for the file and download it onto your PC.  Some apk files may require extraction and, therefore, you should know how to extract files.

Method 2: Download Plague Inc for PC

This method will require you to have a working internet connection.  Without a working internet connection, you will not be able to install Plague Inc on your Windows or Mac PC.


Download  Plague Inc. (Full) v1.5.0.1.apk

Download Plague Inc full premium game.apk

Installing Plague Inc for PC

Having satisfied any of the two options described above, you will now need an android emulator to proceed.  If you have one installed on your computer you will proceed but if you haven’t installed it yet then you’ll have to install it. The three commonly used android emulators include IntelAppUp, BlueStacks, and youwave.  But I recommend BlueStacks because it ‘s the best among the three.  BlueStacks can be downloaded by following the link below.

BlueStacks Download

After downloading  BlueStacks, you will proceed with the installation process, the same way you do for other applications.  Just follow the onscreen instructions carefully, and restart your PC after the installation process has completed.  Now you will have two methods you can use to install Plague Inc.

Method 1: How to install Plague Inc for PC

Locate the apk file on your PC and open it using Bluestacks ( right click on the file and select open with BlueStacks). The installation process will proceed automatically.

Plague Inc for pc

Plague Inc for pc

Method 2: How to install Plague Inc for PC

Launch BlueStacks and use its search function to find the Plague Inc file on the internet. Click on the file to install. Now you have successfully installed Plague Inc on your PC.  Did you succeed? Kindly give us feedback by posting a comment.

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