PES 2014 APK for Android HD free download

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PES 2014 apk for android HD is a free soccer game which was developed by a Japanese developer by the name Konami. The introduction of this game in the year 2012 was highly received everywhere across the world. With the introduction of this 2014 latest version, there is no doubt that it is going to boom the soccer game world. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is produced on the 2 new next-gen consoles that is; PS4 and Xbox One. With this you can be able to see PES 2014 apk though it has a different appearance compared with the last version mostly in character appearance which looks smoother, player’s faces are increased in more details and graphic wise it is well improved.

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PES 2014 APK for Android HD free download

PES 2014 apk for android Features

PES 2014 apk has been developed on a new engine known as Fox Engine which offers 6 features which will bring a difference.

  • TrueBall Tech is the first feature which allows games to make more moves thereby outperforming his opponent better with tactics.
  • MASS- this stands for motion animation system stability.  This helps in settling an argument between two players in the resting phase.
  • The PES ID which works just like in the real-life player whereby player’s movement is stimulated. It also has team play and in this the players can come up with a plan for more players.
  • HEART is yet another of PES 2014 apk for android offers help to a player who is playing at home where there are no audiences.
  • The CORE has also changed which allows the game to continue after special phase and also change in kicking.


In PES 2013 for android you will also find such features as Pro active all, defending response, player’s ID, dynamic one touch, redeveloped keeper, PES full control among others. This game usually supports the major championship which goes on in real world such as Europe, Asia, Premier League and Ligue 1. That is why you will find players have jerseys and they are in stadium so as to bring the whole football match atmosphere to the player. This factor makes the game more interesting since you can assume that you are playing with a certain team and play against them.

Download PES 2014 apk for android HD

PES 2014 APK for Android HD free download

With all these changes you need to upgrade your version or install PES 2014 apk for android. If you are a soccer fan there is no way you are going to miss this whole new experience. This version is also likely to produce Xbox 360, PS3 and on 30/9. All you need to do is get on your browser and find PES 2014 apk file and download it on your device.

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